Why small-ship cruises?

All digital detox cruise holidays are operated on small ships around Croatia’s countless Adriatic Sea islands. Here is why:



The Destination

Croatia’s popularity has been increasing sharply in recent years. You can relax on beautiful white beaches with sapphire waters, walk around ancient walled towns or explore lush green valleys dotted around with waterfalls. Island hopping in Croatia along the Dalmatian Coast is on many people’s bucket lists, and with good reason. The small nation’s islands are home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The crystal clear waters, hidden coves and picturesque fishing villages of the Adriatic Sea are the epitome of R & R (Rest and Recreation). And you could probably add a third ‘R’ there – for Romance!



Only a few passengers onboard

The maximum number of guests onboard is 40 (or even less), so there are no queues for anything. There is plenty of room for everyone on the sun deck and dining areas and you are bound to make some new friends along the way.



A genuine warm welcome

You will be welcomed more warmly to smaller, more traditional areas. Our small cruise ships, with fewer guests, provide locals with good business without overcrowding their home towns.



Direct Access

Our small cruise ships can access ports and calling points that their large cousins cannot. Whether it’s a pristine sand bank, or a secluded cove, they will help you create unforgettable experiences.



Personal Service

With fewer guests to look after, the staff and crew have ample time per person. You’ll quickly get to know the friendly staff by name. Usually the passenger to staff ratio is 2:1.



You are covered (at no additional cost to you)!

As a digital detox cruise guest you will have the peace of mind that you are not disconnected from the outside world during your tech-free vacation. A representative from DigitalDetoxCruise.com will be on duty all day long (9 am – 5 pm Croatia local time, GMT+1), seven days a week, and will service an emergency telephone line during the day. The phone number will be sent to you well before the departure date, for you to further resend it to your family members, colleagues, and friends. In an emergency situation at home, your VIP contacts can call this number and ask for an immediate connection with you. The representative on duty will then call the Cruise Manager or Captain onboard your ship. Once informed by the ship’s officers, you can take out your mobile phone from your personal safe box in the cabin, switch it on and establish direct communication home.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Once you admit that a problem exists, it's half solved already, as they say. If you agree that you are a compulsive tech user, then you definitely must do something about it. And yes, of course you could go on a cruise on your own. But research shows, that having a travel companion(s) significantly improves the chances your efforts will bear fruit. In other wordstrying to do a digital detox on your own is much harder to achieve. Fellow travelers can be of great help as mutual support is decisive. After all, the experience should be fun and not undue hardship. In addition, you will have the peace of mind that you are not completely disconnected from the outside world, as a representative of ours will be on duty (9 am - 5 pm Croatia local time, GMT+1), and will each single day service a telephone line in case of emergency, and immediate connection with family members, colleagues and friends.

You are right! As with any addiction, it definitely is not as easy to just switch off and lock your devices as it initially sounds. The tech industry is a multi-billion dollar business and those companies will not let you go just like that. Going out of their reach is a challenge itself, and we have invested a hefty amount of time to research the issue and be of help. Fortunately, about a decade after its initial genesis, there are already numerous tips and aidswhich are great know-how and support: books where authors share experience and practical advice, a myriad of blog posts and articles in the print media, video clips, podcasts, digital-wellbeing and screen time-management apps, etc. In order to be able to detach yourself from your devices for a longer period of time, you have to be prepared. Start small, follow the advice of experienced people and enjoy your freedom and your mental and physical health after that. We are not against modern technology. Rather, we aim to help people become more mindful when using their devices and prevent the possible deleterious effects of digital addiction such as stress and burnout and subsequent mental damage, eyesight issues, sleep disorders, emotional anxiety, inability to focus, spine problems, etc.

Yes, you really could. However, research shows that a longer digital detox is best combined with an active or adventure holiday—hence our pioneering cruise concept. The daily change of destinations, the endless diversity of tourist hot spots you visit, the multitude of itinerary options, the attractions and activities that each one of these offers, the high standarof ship service, and the new people you get to befriend all add up to the success of both your digital cleanse and your vacation.

To add, a sizeable part of past participants in digital detox bootcamps in the woods have complained about living conditions there. Probably that option is best for a short-term digital diet, let's say a day or so. For longer digital detox programmes with longer lasting effects, people should expect better comfort, cuisine and facilities around them.

There will be a complete freedom for everyone, as guests will be free to personally plan and get take part in the activities as much or as little as they wish. After breakfast, those who have signed up for a shore excursion will head to their tour guide while those who have decided to explore on their own will disembark and pursue their own programme. The ones who have decided to stay onboard can read a book, play a board game, be on the sun deck, or in the jacuzzi, or do nothing at all! At dinner, you will enjoy the company – and the full attention! - of your fellow tech-free table companions. Complete freedom for everyone to do whatever suites them the most! This is the typical digital detox cruise experience.

As we said before, everyone is free to get take part in the activities as much or as little as they wish. If you feel like joining the others – do itif you feel like you need more rest – do exactly that. Chances are most of the other guests are like-minded people, just like you.

To join the ship, you must find a companion or pay an additional single supplement imposed by the cruise operator to cover the costs for the second bed in your stateroom.

This is not unreasonable. However, as you understand it, we cannot establish offices the world over. Moreover, in the digital age we live in, it is neither necessary, nor feasable. We (TourMarketing Ltd.) operate our travel agency business from Sofia, Bulgaria (EU) and have all the proper documents issued by the Ministry of Tourism. Our license number is PKK-01-5950, and you could check it at the National Tourism Register. You could as well check our VAT company number BG130465700 at the European Commission. In addition, we are a member in good standing of the Cruise Lines International Association. Our CLIA ID is 00502485 and you could check our status on their site as well.

As you could quickly check our credentials with all those organizations, we hope you are convinced, that even though we still do not know each other, your money is not at risk. 

Please, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to [email protected]


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